Today is a day for enjoying Nashville. First of all, it is December and it is in the 70’s. So, with the sun roof open, we made our way to the Country Music Hall of Fame where every Saturday there is a songwriter there sharing his/her music. For me (Juli) hearing the songwriter sing the songs that we hear on the radio is amazing – I would rather do that then go to a big concert any day. Songs are meant for the telling of a story. I love to hear the stories that led to the creation of a lyric and melody that then form a connection between many different kinds of people. Songs transcend proximity. I love that too. Songwriters inspire me. Yes, I know I live with one and while I don’t tell him this enough, his gift truly amazes me as well. It’s just a matter of time before his songs are heard too. On a side note, the song “International Harvester” gives me hope of this and convinces me of what one songwriter said is true, “it’s like this, my song is going to get cut before yours every time even if yours is better, because I know (George Strait)…”

Back to amazing talent… we heard from Skip Ewing today at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Songwriter Session. Afterward he offered to teach Sam a little bit…something to work on besides Smoke on the Water. For taking the time, for sharing your gift, thanks Skip!

dsc04378Guitar lesson with Skip EwingGuitar lesson with Skip EwingSkip is the writer of 25 top ten singles and eleven number 1’s, including “i Believe” (Diamond Rio), “You Had Me From Hello” (Kenny Chesney), “Something That We Do” (Clint Black), “Love, Me” (Collin Raye) and “Rebecca Lynn” (Bryan White). His most recent single, “Every Other Weekend,” co-written with Connie Harrington, was the CMA nominated “Vocal Event of the Year.”


2 responses to “inspiration

  1. I wasn’t aware of the Songwriter Saturdays at the Country Music Hall of Fame, thanks for letting me know! I look forward to heading over there and checking it out.


  2. I can’t say I’m a fan of the International Harvester song. Even as someone who worked for “IH” and whose brother is a 5th generation farmer in Illinois, it doesn’t resonate. If I get your jist, there is hope for sure!

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