for fun…

I have been struggling for content lately. As it is with a site like this one, if you go too long between updates, you have so much to catch up on you don’t know where to begin. The other possibility for no content is that we have really not done anything that I thought blog worthy. I am learning the rules of a new culture and to avoid making faux pas us that may cause me trouble I avoid commenting too much about our socialization to the South. I am learning what it is to be a “Northerner” as they say I am and what I do know is that comes with some misconceptions that I’d like not to confirm by saying too much and knowing too little. Needless to say that eliminates much of what I would call blog worthy content.

One thing, if you are in the south and you get a call from the school telling you that your child is puny, it doesn’t mean that they think he’s small.  And, “bless your heart” is not always a good thing to have said to you…and that’s all that I will say on that topic.

I did find this little google fun thing – saw it on facebook and decided to go ahead and play along…we’ll use Gene’s name, that will be fun.

Here’s how it works: Google “[your first name] needs” and share the first 10 results.

Gene needs…

1. ….a Haircut.

2. ….a home.

3. … genetic tests to help decide which drugs to take.

4 .  …to be ‘silenced’

5. ….therapy

6.   ….to take the Pringle approach.

7. ….3 locus genes to perform correctly.

8. …to be the definition or description of all of the properties of DNA.

9. ….advice, your help on Amana ACO 1860 AW

10. ….movable chairs.

and one more because I liked this one too….

11.  …more cowbell.


One response to “for fun…

  1. Hee! Hee! The Google thing mad me smile. How’s life in Nashville?

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