Go Bears.

I recently completed my first semester of graduate studies. For the next couple weeks I will enjoy what I took for granted at one time. The luxury of writing, playing on facebook, reading for fun, doing nothing. Before papers and lectures the boys would watch football and I would take on the challenge of finding things to do while I remain at least physically present until closer to the end of the game. So, today I settle in to watch the Bears – and take a much over due look at our family blog site. It has been a while.

Things I could write about:
Sam’s passion for baseball and the bassoon.
Spencer’s passion for football, his plan to play for Alabama and the the Saints.
learning to be a football fan…Spencer’s concussion…now what?
My experience as a graduate student at Vanderbilt University.
Work at The Children’s Hospital
Entering our third year here in Nashville – the year that promises for all to snap into place?
a longing for community that will be ongoing…
Peppermint Mochas

I could update our En Gedi site and start reading through the calendar again.
I could update the “things to do” list
or… I could just go watch the Bears.


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